Permanent Makeup

The Art of Permanent Makeup is a process where color is permanently inserted into the Dermal layer of the skin using fine needles dipped in Hypo-Allergenic pigment.

Pigments are derived from vegetable products and are either pre-mixed or mixed manually creating a broad palette from which to choose. The pigment bonds to the skin cells and is visible through the translucent outer/Epidermal layer. This is the answer to many people's psychological problems regarding the appearance of their eyebrows or eyeliners.


permanent makeup Cape Town
Eyebrows & Eyeliner


permanent makeup Cape Town

Everyone can benefit from Permanent Makeup!

From the trendy young to the stylish and elegant elderly, whom desires a softer, natural enhancement to their appearances. It is especially beneficial to people who can't wear cosmetics due to allergies, and skin or eye sensitivities.

Nor is the benefits of makeup restricted to the use of females only. Men too can happily enhance their facial appearance, for Liezel's technique is so versatile.

From mature ladies with thinning, sparse or droopy eyebrows to active individuals who would like to look their best at all times for any kind of sportive activities such as swimming, hiking, cycling, and those who don't want to fret about sweating off or reapplying cosmetics. Also highly beneficial for the visually impaired who have difficulty applying their cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup - The Hand also known as Embroidery Technique

The Embroidery technique is far more exact, very gentle and less invasive than the rotary/ machine technique. Permanent Makeup applied by a machine also tends to be much heavier and more obvious in appearance, whereas the Embroidery / Hand technique is much more natural and subtle in appearance, yet effective to enhance the natural features.

Many makeup artists use a machine or tattoo gun to apply Permanent Makeup. This machine technique often involves severe discomfort, is less accurate and precise, needs more touch-up procedures and provides a lot less flexibility in customizing your make-up. Liezel utilizes the Hand or Embroidery technique for applying cosmetic permanent makeup.

How Painful is Permanent Makeup?

Although it is nothing in comparison to the pain of applying an actual tattoo, most people do experience some discomfort. This may vary from person to person according to each individual's pain threshold. There are different methods to help with pain management, including various topical anesthetic ointments, anesthetic locals as well as nerve blocks.

Can I be certain Permanent Makeup is safe and hygienic?

Yes, indeed, as this is an utterly serious matter to avoid any kind of infections. All needles used are brand new and sterile for each and every client. All machine parts are thoroughly sterilized and kept in a sanitary way. The procedure is done wearing synthetic gloves, a new pair for each individual.

Eyebrow Shading and Permanent Eyeliner

Eyebrows that are naturally very light, very thin, sparse or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced and improved with micro-pigmentation. The permanent eyeliner defines and accentuates the shape and colour of your eyes a great deal. It also makes the eyelashes appear thicker and denser.

Are there different colours?

There over twenty different hues to choose from, and any blending of any colour can be done to mix the right colour for each individual's personal preference for example; black, blue black, grey, dark brown, light brown, etcetera.

How long does the procedure take and is there any downtime?

The length of time of the procedure varies with the different areas being treated. Eyebrows takes approximately 1 hours, Eyeliner top and bottom 1 hours and Areola pigmentation 1 to 1 hours.

None or very little downtime is needed, also depending on which area you are having treated and your skin's reaction to it. Eyebrows, no downtime is necessary and you can go straight back to your everyday roundabouts, whether it is back to work or a being a busy mom. With the eyeliner slight swelling may occur and also varies from person to person. It is vital to carefully abide by the aftercare advice for optimal results.

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